Ben Adams, Founder & CEO of TCM during an investor visit explained how the company locates attractive properties; which types of offices he believes will benefit from strong demand in the future; and what advantages he sees in flex-light properties. 5.2023

בנג'מין אדמס - פרופימקס השקעות נדל"ן בחו"ל

Benjamin Adams, Ten Capital Management

What are the three basic characteristics of global real estate? Arthur Frye, the president of Spaulding & Slye Investments gives investors some important advice on the matter. 6.2.2020

חושבים על השקעות נדלן בחול? ארתור פריי מייעץ

Arthur Frei, SSI

Are the office and hospitality sectors still worthwhile investments? David Songy, co-founder of Songy Highroads, a leading real estate investment firm, explains why the sector is still attractive for investors. 5.12.2019

דיוויד סונג'י- שותף פרופימקס

David Songy, Songy Highroads

The President of Taurus Investment Holdings, Erik Rijnbout, who was recently hosted by Profimex in Israel, speaks about his forecasts for the real estate market: "Real Estate investors need to lower their return expectations." 20.11.2019

אריק ריינבוט - פרופימקס

Erik Rijnbout, Taurus Investment Holdings

Why should you invest in multifamily real estate in both periods of downturn and peak cycles? An exclusive interview with Mason Sleep, Managing Member of Real Investment Firm The Praedium Group. 20.11.2019

מייסון סליפר - פרופימקס

Mason Sleeper, Praedium Group

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