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Recent measures taken by Israel Securities Authority concerning who may be considered an “accredited investor”, will enable an even larger number of Profimex’s Investors to meet the qualifications mandated by the ISA.

Among the newer, more relaxed criteria is a nullification of the requirement of possessing particular expertise and qualifications in the capital markets or having engaged in a minimum amount of transactions per year, a lessening of the minimum threshold of liquid assets owned by the investor, which now need only to exceed NIS 8 million (as opposed to the previous minimum requirement of NIS 12 million) and offering alternatives of minimum annual income and/or a lower aggregate of both assets and income.

As an accredited investor you will become eligible to join Profimex InnerCircle, available only to those who meet the qualifications of accredited investors, per the ISA. As a member of Profimex InnerCircle  you will be eligible to be among the first to receive complete details of investments that we are undertaking with our global partners, as well as to receive additional benefits. In order to qualify as a member of Profimex InnerCircle  and receive further detailed information about our investments, please contact your personal investment advisor at Profimex or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Please be aware that prior to signing on to any given investment, and in order to benefit from the other advantages offered by Profimex InnerCircle , we will need an appropriate written documentation to support your standing as an “accredited investor”, for example, a letter from an accountant, an attorney or in appropriate circumstances another third party with the proper ability to affirm that s/he has undertaken the due diligence to independently confirm your eligibility and status as an accredited investor. Further information concerning this confirmation letter.

Verifying compliance of individual
investor eligibility

* In each of the last two years.

[1] Liquid assets – This refers to cash, deposits and financial assets as defined by the Regulation of Investment Advice, Investment Marketing and Investment Portfolio Management Law of 1995, as well as securities traded on the stock exchange. Financial Assets – Instruments as defined by the Joint Investment Trust Law of 1994, stocks or shares in Funds registered outside of Israel, options, futures, structured or indexed products as well as pension funds.

[2] Family Unit – Defined as an individual and his/her household living with him/her and/or dependents.

In order to verify the standing of a customer
as an accredited investor regarding their liquid assets,
we suggest two options:


To obtain written endorsement of an accountant, lawyer, or in appropriate circumstances another third party (upon whom there is sound reason to rely) who confirms that s/he has taken reasonable steps (aside from reliance on the declaration of the investor) to affirm that the investor meets all the eligibility requirements, specifying those measures taken to make such an assertion.

A sample letter
that addresses these conditions


Alternatively, we are willing to carry out an independent verification process of the investor, relying on external evidence and documents presented to us by the investor.

A list
of documents

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