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Profimex uses a meticulous due diligence process to select its partners to ensure first-rate management and performance, as well as an alignment of interests with our investors. When selecting an investment partner in general, especially a private equity investment manager, it is critical for senior management to have extensive experience in navigating the highs and lows of the market, both individually and as a team. None of Profimex’s partners are affiliated entities.

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Capreon Limited (“Capreon”) is a pan-European real estate investor, and a partner-owned investment and asset management group, with more than 45 years of investment history. Capreon is focused on commercial real estate, primarily “Smart Workplaces” including future looking offices, innovation campuses and life science assets. Senior living is also a focus. Capreon has been investing in all major European Real Estate Markets with the current focus on the UK, Netherlands and Spanish markets. Drawing on decades of experience, Capreon prioritises relationships, working with outstanding professionals and trusted partners across the globe to maximise the financial and social value of their investments.

Professional Experience and Tenure

PROFIMEX specializes in co-investments with established global partners with proven track records. Our experience shows that investing with a seasoned local partner improves the risk-return ratio of investments. The senior managers among Profimex’s strategic partners have an average of more than 20 years of real estate experience, reflecting their activity and understanding across various economic cycles.

The following are just some of the principles that we adhere to when selecting local operating partners:

• Locating partners with a proven track record and specific sector and geographical expertise
• Obtaining the right of first refusal for partial equity participation in each investment
• Success-based compensation for managers
• Equity investments by both managers (GPs) and local investors (LPs)
• Ongoing monitoring of managers and periodic decision making regarding future investments
• Protecting investors’ interests in existing investments, including potentially terminating our collaboration with a specific partner

Managers are tested mainly in times of crisis characterized by falling values and challenges such as deleveraging and refinancing. We are proud to say that most of our partners have successfully overcome the recent crisis by firmly protecting investor interests in existing investments and seizing attractive investment opportunities in the recent unprecedented economic environment. Profimex continues to protect investor interests in existing investments, including cases of terminating the collaboration with a particular partner.

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