Third Decade of Global Real Estate Investments

All the Benefits of Global Real
Investments with Profimex


Joining forces with experienced, expert, local investment managers in long-term strategic partnerships after meticulous due diligence


An impressive performance history over more than two decades of operation during times of ebbs and flows


With over a quarter of a century of experience in various real estate cycles, Profimex offers Israel’s most extensive experience in global real estate investments

Our Values

Profimex strives to make a range of global investments available to Israeli investors while protecting their interests, applying ethical management, and working impartially and with full transparency

Alignment of
with Investors

Success-based compensation: Profimex and its partners are compensated only after investors have received their full equity and annual preferred return

Dispersion & Diversification

Profimex invests in a wide range of geographic regions, sectors, and strategies and works with a variety of local investment managers

A whole world of real estate investments

Years of of global real estate investment experience
Assets all over the world and tens of thousands of multifamily units (Note: One investment included 1,138 office properties)
Billion dollars in gross asset value since establishment
Funds, including six Profimex CircleOne in-house funds

Rational investment begins with complete transparency. We will present to you a 27-year track record, including some of the less successful investments that we have made and even some losses.

Profimex is the real estate arm of Bamberger–Rosenheim Ltd. Established in 1969, we have proven our uncompromising commitment to our investors—professionalism, transparency, and loyalty—for the past 55 years.
Profimex has been the leader in global real estate investments for private and institutional investors since 1997. We specialize in diversified investments across geographic regions, sectors, and strategies in a wide range of investment structures by joining forces with global partners offering local and sector-specific expertise and experience.

In other words, we have been investing in global real estate for the past three decades, not only in bull markets but also in times of crisis. When we present the average yield over all our years of activity, we provide our investors with a complete picture of all the investments that we have made, including yield forecasts compared with actual yields and a comparison with our business plans.

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A Range of Investment structures

Profimex CIP

A portfolio of investments alongside the funds


the funds

Feeder Funds

Funds managed
by our strategic partners

Profimex’s in-house Funds

Our Investment Portfolio

We are well aware of our tremendous responsibility as investors of other people’s money. Therefore, we make absolutely sure that we create a premium investment mix incorporating wide dispersion and diversification based on the experience of some of the field’s leading professionals.

* The data presented here are based on investments in Profimex CircleOne house funds starting in 2012.

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To succeed in global real estate investments, you need local partners.

Profimex is joining forces with leading investment managers all over the world as long-term strategic partners.

Founded in
£2.1 Billion
Representing Gross Asset Value or Assets under Management of
£2.1 Billion
Operates in
Western Europe

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