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ראשי \ Profimex Partners Stand With Israel, 26.10.23

Profimex Partners Stand With Israel, 26.10.23


Here is a letter expressing support from our partners who are very concerned about the situation in Israel and are responding in a real, meaningful and supportive way.

There are companies that support Israel loudly and publicly, such as those in this list which was published by Yale, or the 500+ hedge funds that openly published support as did more than 100 German companies, including those with a past of having supported the Nazi machine, and who published a full page in a newspaper to state their support of Israel.

All is not rosy across the business world though as many companies find themselves caught in the crossfire. For example, the CEO of Web Summit accused Israel of war crimes (and then resigned); the Starbucks Workers Union supported Hamas, and decisions taken by McDonalds in Israel led to condemnation by Hamas supporters in other countries.

In academia in the United States, many universities and colleges are suffering from a wave of antisemitism that is not strongly condemned by their executive boards. In response, Batia and Idan Ofer stepped down from the Harvard Kennedy School executive board while the Wexner Foundation withdraw all financial support. Apollo Fund CEO Marc Rowan wrote a scathing letter to Wharton demanding the resignation of UPenn leaders.

More than ever, it is critical that we know whether the person who manages our money is on our side, that they stand by us even at the cost of negative impact on their business activity. In this regard, we are proud to announce that all the strategic partners of Profimex have signed an open letter of support for Israel to which are added many offers of support. Their support also holds significance for their network of contacts.

We believe it’s time to ask those who manage your finances, from family offices to hedge funds and mutual funds – in fact anyone who has a say in your financial resources – Do you support Israel?

At Profimex, in all confidence, we can assure you that our answer is a resounding ‘YES’.

In the hope of better and more peaceful days ahead,

Profimex Team

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